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Digital whiteboards and iPAD

August 1, 2019

The digital blackboards are here to stay. At least that’s the way it seems because of the large number of solutions we are beginning to find in the market.

However, not all of them require large investments to purchase a large sized whiteboard to replace our traditional whiteboard.

This is the case of SMART Notebook, a digital screen software that the teacher can use from his own computer to show the student’s devices the lessons, pedagogical material, questionnaires and any other learning aid that the trainer can think of.

Digital whiteboards and iPAD

However, its use in a traditional computer has some limitations, since laptops are not usually prepared for tactile use, so they generate problems when including annotations, drawings, diagrams, keys or simply to underline or round a key concept.

This is where SMART Notebook Maestro comes in, which will allow you to use this software with your iPAD in a way that makes all these kinds of tasks easier. Therefore it is a complement, which makes the functions of virtual whiteboard. And together with a pointer (any of the pointer compatible with the iPAD) it allows to emulate a traditional blackboard chalk, but with the benefit of being able to load specific materials of the matter before starting the class, so as not to have to fill in the whole blackboard manually.

Digital whiteboards and iPAD

The program makes it possible for teachers to use the iPad to remotely control SMART Notebook content, which can be generated by teachers themselves, or even purchased as additional content.

The students, on the other hand, can interact in their own devices, generating a very beneficial feedback for the teacher, who can determine which students are lagging behind with a particular subject, to reinforce this learning.