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How and Where to Study Japanese

August 1, 2019

Japanese is a language that attracts a lot of attention, but a priori seems very complicated. The Japanese themselves say that only the natives will be able to fully master the language, and that is that a Japanese boy of fifteen years will not be able to read the newspaper correctly, because his writing is complicated.

But don’t get discouraged, Japanese is much more accessible than it seems, because although its writing is complex, its grammar is not so complex. You have to be clear that you can have a lot of time to learn the language well, and above all, a lot of desire.

Study Japanese

In a small approach to Japanese we will tell you that there are four ways to write it: in romaji, that is to say with our characters, although the Japanese never used it for their own language but for commercial brands. Secondly, hiragana, which is a way of writing your syllabary (since they don’t have an alphabet like us) used mostly for their own language words. The katakana, another syllabary that is used for words of new implantation, such as anglicisms. And finally, comes the most complicated, the kanjis, which are symbols that mean words, imported from Chinese, which are the most complex when it comes to knowing the language.

Study Japanese

Once we are clear that we want to study Japanese, we must find a good place to do so, as it is not a language as widespread as English. We can look in the Language School of our city, since normally the level is very good. Another option, both for university students and for those who are not, is to look in the language service of the university, which usually also give this language.

On the other hand, we can also seek to study at a distance, the UNED offers Japanese courses, but not in all its centers are taught, and although this year have implemented the teaching completely online, it is only for English.