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How to learn and study English with songs

August 1, 2019

One of the most widespread ways to learn English when we cannot afford formal education is to use the resource of songs. They are accessible, catchy and the amount available is overwhelming, having the feeling that on many occasions we understand more than we know. Although this is true in most cases is important to know exactly what we are favoring and what not with this method, which is often a shortcut (or even excuse) for not studying the language conditions.

In the songs works mainly the memory of recognition. This means that more than learning new information we will be doing a review of what we already know and have practiced. It’s a good way to consolidate the knowledge and make sure that those words that are so easily forgotten end up being engraved in the memory. At the same time with the memory of recognition we will increase the sensation of being improving in the language, which is always beneficial for the personal motivation to continue striving to learn more and more.

tudy English with songs

On the other hand the songs usually allow us to work only the vocabulary, and in a limited way. Many people adjust the words so that they fit well in the lyrics as a whole, which makes it grammatically odd and not necessarily correct. It is very important that we keep this in mind because if we decide to use these words in isolation we may not be expressing ourselves correctly, and if we directly resort to complete sentences the wording will inevitably suffer because of the style and vocabulary used. If we also avoid studying in the classical way, we will end up learning errors and leaving very little benefit, something that we will attribute in the long run when we advance in the study.

How to learn and study English with songs

The best recommendation is to leave the songs as a minor complement to the authentic study. Interesting, practical but not very useful as the main method. They should serve as proof that we understand the language better than a system to understand it better, a subtle difference but that in many occasions we confuse as much with the songs as with other more informal methods.