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How to study English in Dublin. Advice

August 1, 2019

Dublin is one of the most fashionable destinations in recent years to study English. It is not as crowded as London, Malta or Edinburgh, other typical cities to improve the language. However, there is already a wide range of courses to study in the city, including scholarships that use it as a destination so it is advisable to follow a series of tips, both for the study of English itself and to manage the city.

It is important to comply with this point since one of the greatest benefits of going to an English speaking city is to be forced to use it even if we are afraid or think that we are not qualified. If we get together excessively with them we will use them as a way of escape to speak in English, avoiding situations that, although embarrassing, would be useful to us to practice the language in the moments that they will teach us the most. This does not mean not speaking to anyone in our original language, it is simply to be clear about what we are going to.

How to study English in Dublin

Dublin, on the other hand, is famous for the excursions they organize to the surrounding villages. These excursions are excellent because they are taught in English, being able to attend with companions of the residence or other erasmus. They are not expensive and in the towns to which we approach we will have to speak English obligatorily, serving us of step to practice the language with the companions that we do.

The best time to go to Dublin is in summer, in approved 3-week courses. The residences are not expensive despite being one of the busiest times, and will allow us to meet people from all over the world. We can also go Erasmus but we must remember that there is less and less offer for this modality of study. It is important to go with an established English base, in this type of trips it is usual that we end up ”surviving” with a few useful phrases if we do not dare to make fluent conversations. At the same time, although these courses are for teaching English, they usually require a relative level to be admitted, which on the other hand is not too demanding.