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How to study English in London

August 1, 2019

Today it is essential to know languages, and of course English is one of the most important, so it is necessary to master it. But in Spain it is very difficult to go from B2 without going abroad, so it is very interesting to consider the option of going to England to study the language.

A fantastic place to study English is the British capital: London, because with a good base and in a short time we will be able to get used to the accent and the language soon. So a very good option to study English is to go to London in the summer. There are several alternatives that we can handle: firstly to look for a summer scholarship, the Ministry of Education usually draws many for this season, they are paid an English course for a month, usually, so apart from interacting with English during the day, we will also have the option of going to classes to perfect our learning.

study English in London

Another option is to look for a longer scholarship, and not only the Ministry, but some companies offer this type of scholarship oriented to a labor sector, but it must be borne in mind that any scholarship in the long run will cost us money, so we will have to have some savings or plan to look for work, since being members of the European Union we do not need a visa to work.

Of course, we also have the option of going to London with a paid course in advance to a company that is dedicated to giving these courses, but in this case it will be almost essential to have a job there to support us.

study English in London

On the other hand, there are always the specific scholarships of our profession or studies, through these we will find work in a sector that interests us, and some cover up to one month of paid studies in London. These scholarships are usually very interesting, because on the one hand you train abroad in your own profession, and on the other hand you perfect Shakespeare’s language, which is very important for any job, even if our aim is to stay in Spain.