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How to study several languages at once

August 1, 2019

Nowadays, languages are fundamental, and many people, far from choosing to prepare one, decide to try several at the same time, seeking to improve their curriculum in a spectacular way. Although it is possible, it is very difficult to study more than one language and master them in a reasonable time.

We can start from the advantage that, starting from the most basic levels in all, there will be parts that overlap, being able to use what we learn in one to compare it with the others, creating an association that will stay much better in our memory than simply reviewing it, but it has a risk and that is that we mix rules of one language with another.

several languages

The simplest case to see it is the one of being studying English having of native language the Spanish, where the construction of the phrases is counterintuitive in English with respect to our original language.

With time and constant practice you get used to express yourself in one way or another depending on the language you are using but if you study several at once this effect is multiplied because, as similar as they may seem to us, there are always very marked differences as you progress in them.

A widely used solution to avoid this is to have a very structured organization system, at all levels. We should not hesitate to have file cabinets where with separators we put the basic verbs, simple words and even the alphabet of each language.

How to study several languages at once

If we doubt in some basic part we will only have to go to our small register, where in few seconds we will clarify the doubt. Believing that we will remember it or thinking that we really know the answer will cause us to drag the error and, what is worse, transfer it to the rest of the languages as we learn more and more.

Finally, we must always prioritize what we will study depending on our interests. It is very nice to have 5 languages in our curriculum but if we don’t manage them beyond the basic level they will hardly be useful. We know how important English is, if we are not able to maintain a constant pace with everyone we must put it first.

How to study several languages

Similarly if we plan to travel to a country with another language and look for work there will be better to study in depth first. It is always better to master a few languages in poor conditions than many.