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TICS in the classroom

August 1, 2019

Although we are gradually becoming more accustomed to the term ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), the truth is that we are still very far from having it assimilated in schools. Some consider that it is only necessary to incorporate technological means in schools in order to achieve the objective that we have been setting ourselves for years.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because for ICT to be beneficial to schools, it is necessary to determine how learning will be carried out with digital technologies. We are talking about methodologies, pedagogical models and a whole environment that makes technology useful in the classroom.

TICS in the classroom

There are many lines of research that deal with these topics in different branches of science, such as Pedagogy, Psychology and Information Sciences. All of them speak of the need to establish a more intimate contact between technological researchers and teachers, in order to achieve an evident improvement in learning outcomes.

These are very ambitious objectives that are still in an initial phase and that need time and important economic endowments to complete their gestation. The first results that give cause for hope are already being seen at university level. Especially in those high-performance centres that are open to leaving behind old schemes in terms of a highly structured type of teaching, to give rise to a more personalized and specific teaching for each student. We all have different aptitudes and needs.

TICS in the classroom

Until now, it has been very difficult to monitor every pupil in an educational centre. It is not possible to have one teacher per pupil, but it is possible to have a follow-up in which some type of technology that adapts to each person intervenes. This is the field in which the most progress has been made in recent years and, possibly, the field in which we will see the most progress in the years to come.