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Learn English for free and in a different way: Language Exchange

August 1, 2019

English, as you already know to perfection, is something essential for the curriculum of any person … We like more or less today in any selection process among other requirements we demand a high level of English, be bilingual and even be trilingual!

If you are looking for a job you will have seen for yourselves, in 99.9% of job offers, you demand a high command of English …

Learn English for free

Without a doubt, the best option is to go abroad and perfect our level there, since you will be immersed in a climate where only the language is spoken and you will also learn more everyday and colloquial expressions that are generally not learned by attending classes in an academy. As we are not all so fortunate to be able to leave everything here and go abroad for a while, there are other options that are also very effective and also some tricks to learn English. These are called language exchanges, i.e. pages where you register and offer to teach your native language to a person who will teach you the language you are interested in learning. These language exchanges are very fruitful and allow you to learn English in a different way, close as it is in your own city and especially free with a fully bilingual person.

Learn English for free

You can send a message in advance and meet in person, an ideal place is a cafeteria. I advise you to take a notebook, you will always need to write down a word you want to remember or even be vital for those who have a very basic level that will help you to communicate with the other person.

The ideal is to get a person with whom you meet on a daily basis, ie once a week for example, that way you will practice English without letting it rust and who knows maybe you achieve create a bond of friendship that would be very beneficial to both parties …