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Practice and learn English in bars in our city

August 1, 2019

Knowing how to manage our time correctly makes us much more buildings in order to maintain a constant pace of study. It does not consist exclusively in fixing a certain amount of daily time in which we will study, it is necessary to learn how to organize it in such a way that the time invested is balanced together with the satisfaction obtained by having done a good job.

It is essential to understand that we have to manage both study time and free time. If we simply think about study time, we will find that many times we do not take advantage of free time as we should, feeling that we have not rested correctly in order to be able to perform to the maximum in the moments in which we study.

Practice and learn English

To do this we will divide free time into two categories:

Impromptu activities: Playing the console, reading, playing sports; any hobby we have that helps us to disconnect.

Inactivity: Those times when we don’t expressly do anything planned and we see the minutes pass.

With organized free time we will be able to eliminate the anxiety we feel when we are not studying or doing anything special. Feeling that we have it under control will completely eliminate this feeling by following our own work scheme. It is also interesting to count the planned departures that we have beforehand within this time, subtracting it from the inactivity time so as not to damage the study time.

Practice and learn English

In order to plan correctly the study time we must follow three premises. First it must be a realistic time. It does not help to plan that we will study several hours to a simple activity and very few to a very difficult one. Secondly it has to be proportionate to the needs of the moment and to the time available in total. If we plan an exam many days in advance we will be able to invest a little less daily time, complementing it with other studies and the free time available.

Ultimately, we will take into account that it is well distributed. Here we must be honest with ourselves and see how we work best. There are people who are able to study for several hours at a time without feeling tired or stressed, and others who work better with breaks at certain times of study. The fundamental thing is to avoid becoming demoralized because we are not completing a time of study that is not objectively well organized.