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Techniques for an effective job search

August 1, 2019

In the time of crisis that accompanies us and has touched us to live, it is not enough to look for offers and send CVs. We have to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the candidates, contributing different values to the rest, building our own personal brand to make it easier for them to find us.
Some of the things we can do for this are:

Use the web to look for job opportunities. Use the Internet to search for career opportunities and job openings. Go to job search portals and Human Resources solution agencies. These companies increasingly use their social profiles to advertise job offers.

job search technique

Make professional contacts. Take advantage of the communication channels offered by social networks to establish professional contacts. Take part in discussion groups, join the conversation, share information, etc. More than 50% of job offers come through contacts, and are not published on job portals.

Specialize and continue training. Become an expert in a specific job. Train yourself in the field you are passionate about. Differentiate yourself from the rest, build your own personal brand. Participate in networks. Almost eight out of 10 HR professionals consider that an active candidate in these channels has more job opportunities. However, you have to know how to use them. Companies are not only interested in professional or academic information, they also investigate personal stories. For this reason, it is convenient to take care of everything that is written, published and what is said in the networks.

job search technique

Prepare the interviews. Don’t improvise in interviews. Prepare fundamentally those questions where you are most insecure. Anticipate the coach’s questions and think about possible answers. Be confident and keep a relaxed and positive attitude. Self-confidence is something you can’t lose even if your experiences so far haven’t been the best. You must become your best salesperson, and make your personal brand attractive.

Innovate in your CV. Be different from the rest. Why don’t you use an infograph to be known at first glance instead of the traditional Curriculum Vitae? Why don’t you resort to a multimedia presentation?

job search technique

Here are some tips for creating your CV:

Be brief. The curriculum should not occupy more than two pages.

Take care of the presentation of your CV: legibility, spelling correction, quality photography, etc. Don’t forget to include information about your knowledge, training and experience. Be coherent with the dates that you detail in your CV… Some CVs present incongruities in this sense, and are perceived negatively.

Adapt your CV to the expectations of each company. Highlight the knowledge, strengths and experience most relevant to the job offer in question. Describes the functions performed in each position. They are as important (or more) than the position you held. We advise you to include achievements and objectives fulfilled.

Includes cover letter. Explain why you are particularly motivated by the position and company you want to work for.