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Tips for memorizing texts. How to study

August 1, 2019

In most careers we will have to study countless folios, so there are some techniques to memorize. In this sense we are going to tell you very simple tricks, that will make us memorize longer texts little by little, with time some of us will leave them aside, because we will not need them.

First steps

In order to start memorizing a text, you have to give yourself time and calm. We will start with a short text, about 150 words, can be perfectly a definition. Ideally, the text should be copied separately, because as we write it our heads take it into account. Once written, read it aloud, and if you think you can learn them, move on to a longer text. But if not, one trick is to write down the text divided into short sentences.

Tips for memorizing texts

The ideal is to recite the first written sentence aloud by heart, then to combine the first with the second. Once learned you are, the first with the second, with the third, and so on until we know the text by heart. This tactic is valid for short texts, because with very long texts the task can become tedious.

Tricks to learn how to memorize

In books or in notes, there is a very important technique that can be used in two ways: writing on the margins. Some people write down the words they find hardest to memorize, so that when they see them they remember the whole text. However, others write down the most important words, the ones that summarize the paragraph, so they know what they are talking about.

Tips for memorizing texts

Essential for memorizing

In order to memorize correctly there is an essential thing: the underlining with colors, since the colors remain more easily in the memory than the own letters, reason why but you like to underline with thousand colors, to use only the red in really difficult questions for you. But beware, if you abuse too much of that color the brain no longer has it as a warning and will cease to have its meaning.

Another very important question to memorize a text is to make a good summary of what we are going to study, in this way, while we write and read to do it, the head is left little by little with what we have to study.

And finally, a very good way to study from memory is to speak what we have studied, it is very good to recite the text from memory, because when we listen to ourselves we can see the mistakes and where we get lost or stopped. If we do it directly upside down, we can skip a question, but when we say it, the text stays much more in our head.