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Tricks to learn English. How to study

August 1, 2019

For most people who start learning a language or who are already in it, they start to get stuck in their learning when they have a medium level and do not practice periodically. In the end this translates into a loss of level and is that many people to practice English only resort to English classes or minority language exchanges, which is fine but not enough to move forward and get a good command of the language.

The tricks that I propose below are basic tricks and many of them you will already know but 90% surely do not put into practice. I encourage you to adopt these habits in your daily life and you will see how in a few months your level has improved considerably.

Tricks to learn English

Tricks to learn and improve your English:

To see movies and series in original version: That is to say at home every time we see a series or a movie, to overcome the initial laziness and to animate us. It is true that at the beginning we may not know too much (you can put it with subtitles in English or Spanish depending on the level you have) but the more you do you will get used to the accent and understand it better. When you are used to a series and suddenly change to the original version is difficult to adapt because it chokes a little change to the characters the voice suddenly, so I recommend starting a new series and get used to their real voices and I assure you that if you change to the dubbed voices will shock you in the same way and prefer to see the series in original version.

Transfer your hobbies from your native language to English, for example, if you normally buy a fashion magazine, sport or any newspaper buy it in English. In points of sale such as VIPS you can find newspapers and magazines in English. If you don’t want to spend money, another good option is to visit their digital editions on the net. It has been shown that if the subject you read about in English interests you, you will undoubtedly pay more attention and therefore your learning will be faster.

A game that at first may seem silly is not at all, this game can be played when you are accompanied or alone, and is very simple, it is simply a matter of going down the street and every object with which you cross say it in English. Until you do, you won’t know what level of vocabulary you really have… Many of the objects you come across on a daily basis don’t usually appear in textbooks…

Configure your mobile menu in English, the idea is that more and more things in your life are in English.

Going to the cinema in v..o. is an excellent option. If you like cinema it would be fabulous if you got used to go in original version.

Finally another good option is to go on weekends to pubs where English is spoken, there you can even practice making friends…

I hope these tips are useful for you. If you have any other trick to learn English do not hesitate to comment, sometimes the simple tricks are the most effective …