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University of Alcalá. How to study

August 1, 2019

The University of Alcalá was founded by Cardinal Cisneros, Regent of Spain, in 1499. Since then it has been one of the most prestigious universities in our country. As it happens in the rest of the universities that have received the new curriculum, the degrees, diplomas, teaching and engineering are on the verge of extinction, so we will only talk about degrees.

Studies of degrees that can be taken at the University of Alcalá

University of Alcalá

As for the arts and humanities branch:

Degree in Hispanic Studies
Degree in English Studies
Degree in History
Degree in Humanities
Degree in Modern Languages and Translation

In the branch of health sciences:

Degree in Health Biology
Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
Degree in Nursing
Degree in Pharmacy
Degree in Physiotherapy
Degree in Medicine

The grades that replace the old engineering are as follows:

Degree in Architecture
Degree in Computer Engineering
Degree in Building Engineering
Degree in Electronic Engineering of Communications
Degree in Electronics and Industrial Automation Engineering
Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering
Degree in Engineering in Telecommunication Technologies
Degree in Computer Engineering
Degree in Telematics Engineering
Degree in Information Systems

The broadest program is in social and legal sciences, where its prestige is international:

Double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management
Double Degree in Tourism and Business Administration and Management
Degree in Business Administration and Management
Degree in Audiovisual Communication
Degree in Accounting and Finance
Degree in Law
Degree in Economics
Degree in Economics and International Business
Degree in Social Education
Grade in Early Childhood Education Teaching
Grade in Primary Education Teaching
Degree in Tourism

And in the science branch, we have the following degrees:

Degree in Biology
Degree in Environmental Sciences
Degree in Chemistry

University of Alcalá

In postgraduate studies, which have been reduced to Masters, the University of Alcalá has very interesting programmes in almost all the branches we have mentioned above. In fact, they have bilingual resources and research sufficiency in most of them, so it is a very good option when considering another level of studies.

As for doctoral programs, they are all very extensive, so it is more than certain that we will find the option that best suits us. Especially in view of the European doctorate, since the University of Alcalá more than meets the requirements that are needed, such as having dealt with the subject of the thesis in a language other than the native language, and in addition, it is proper to the European Union.

Other types of studies that can be given at this university are: preparation courses for access to the test for people over 25 and 45 years old. Language courses, in which the preparation for English and German stand out, although they have other less common languages such as Japanese.

And as for the most experienced preparation, they offer courses throughout the year, but more specifically in summer, where we can specialize for a future master or doctorate with very good activities for our preparation.