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Why study at a university? Reasons

August 1, 2019

Studying a university degree is one of the most important decisions we can make in life. The responsibility that comes with the inevitable change in our lives makes it very important to be clear why we want to enter the university. It is therefore recommended that we know exactly what we are going to find once we enter it, what it can bring us and what sacrifices it will require:

  • Have control over our studies in a real way

If we have always been clear about a certain profession, a branch of study or a personal concern focused on a particular university career, we can really focus on what we want with the university. The majority of school courses in the countries are very structured, touching on subjects of all types of knowledge to awaken interest in one field or another. Although it is a licit cause there are occasions that become excessive, where at a more adult age we continue studying them despite the fact that we no longer see real usefulness for the future that we want to shape us.

Why study at a university

In the university we will be able to study what we always want, without having hardly deviations of that central field. To study medicine will have very little burden of history or mathematics, at the same time that if we orient ourselves in a linguistic line we will be studying languages and everything related to language. There are no longer radical changes in our day-to-day student life, knowing that, at first, the curriculum of our career is designed in such a way that all our subjects will be related to each other in a holistic way to give as a whole a field of knowledge that will turn us into the professional we want to be.

However, we must bear in mind that this control is unreal once in a career. Many curricula are not updated in conditions, and being the power of each university in particular we may find that there are faculties of the same career that give completely different content. In the majority of cases this distinction is relegated to a greater accentuation in a certain methodological aspect but it is already crossing a line that we will not be able to recognize in many occasions.

Why study at a university
  • To increase our labor possibilities in the future

Regardless of the difficulties that our country goes through, we will always have better job opportunities the more we are educated. It is not a question of whether the guild we choose has greater or lesser demand, to have a university degree is to have passed a few years of study that have required sacrifice and perseverance, something always highly valued. And it is that we will simply have a larger market to access, both jobs related to our studies and others that require a university career, as in the case of many offers in the public sector and increasingly the private sector.

It is important to point out that the more we make an effort, the better mobility we will have for the future looking for a job. It is not necessarily necessary that we have an immaculate file, if we have learned to move in our field, we know what we like, we show interest and we are workers we can access more job opportunities. In short, once you are in the race, you have to take it seriously to make it really worthwhile.

The importance of review when studying
  • Going through one of the best stages of our life

Although there are many critics of university life, it is indisputable that the years we spend there will give us unrepeatable experiences. Not only for the mere attendance to the faculty, the time that entails to study a career makes that we live of a very different form to the one of the institute, creating inevitably anecdotes that with the time we will remember with affection.

On the other hand, we will usually study it at an age where we will have that mixture between youth without being teenagers and the necessary maturity without a burden of responsibilities. This will make it possible for us to enjoy it at its peak, getting to know people close to our way of thinking and our interests, many of whom will end up being friends for the rest of their lives. The experience of being in an exclusive place to a certain extent and sharing it with other people like us is one of the best we can get out of our university life.

Why study at a university
  • Develop culturally and emotionally

Achieving a university degree is an exercise that inevitably restructures our mind. The effort it requires, the constancy of study, the daily work will make us feel happy with ourselves in spite of the burden it entails. The sensation of doing things well on our own and seeing it reflected over time as we pass courses and subjects is an indescribable sensation, where we can clearly say that we have achieved something very important.

  • Final Conclusion

Studying a university degree can be one of the most enriching experiences for our lives. Far from considering the reasons why it is worthwhile, we should turn around and say to ourselves, “What’s stopping us? The decision is in our hands, and it is better to repent of what we did than to ask ourselves what could have been all our lives.