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Is it advisable to study the day before the exam?

August 2, 2019

Studying the day before the exam is one of the most widespread practices by all students, having both detractors and advocates. Although, as we always say, the most important assessment of its appropriateness must come from ourselves, it is not advisable to do so at first. There are many implicit theories that have been transmitted by word of mouth, as many as testimonies from friends, acquaintances, and relatives who give their opinion but the fact is that there are a series of factors that are objectively indisputable when we study the day before.

The first point that we must assess is the anxiety we feel the day before the exam because studying the limit we will only increase it. When we notice something weak in the face of the exam as to the knowledge we should not study in-depth because we will only increase the feeling that we do not know anything.

study the day before the exam

We always know more than we think, it is an indisputable reality and it is because the memory of recognition works, where in spite of having vague signs and clues to be able to bring to the mind what we have studied it continues being like possibility; from remembering what we read in concrete at certain moment until visualizing a class where we saw the professor explaining just the content of that question. If we go with greater anxiety due to trying to strengthen the knowledge in a single day we will be so nervous that we will not allow the mind to work.

On the other hand, to rest the day before will make us maximize our physical and mental condition, something necessary if we want to be in full performance. The feeling that the study for that exam is over, and that we can concentrate on doing it well, will help us much more than the poor review we get that day. If we have maintained a constant pace of study the benefit of studying at that time will be ephemeral, much more deserving of rewarding ourselves with a day of relaxation.

 study the day before the exam

If you use the study of the previous day as a way of escape from anxiety, try to study only what you have more firmly entrenched. In this way, you will maximize the benefits of this day and reduce the feeling of not being prepared.