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Learn to control the rituals we do in libraries

August 2, 2019

When we go to the library with the passage of time we adjust our behavior to a routine that only manages to make us lose study time. While the first days we begin studying with all our energies, as we get used to going we can run the risk of introducing behaviors that at first are exceptions to disconnect from the study or focus better on it to end up being obligatory to perform, even if we do not realize it.

Learn to control the rituals we do in libraries

Some of the most typical behaviors are:

-Having a coffee
-Chatting with friends
-Take the newspaper and ‘just look at it’.
-Exit ‘5’ minutes to clear
-Look at the mobile at ever smaller intervals, just in case.
-Using the laptop to look at emails, social networks…

Having a coffee

They are just examples of what we usually do when we go to the library for a long period without having consolidated the habit of study. All these behaviors can be summed up as a break, but to what extent is it really necessary to add to the break? Do we really have it well controlled? The key is to record study time rigorously. If we enter the library at 16:00 and leave at 20:00 we can say that we have been studying for four hours (or all afternoon, as some like) but if we then check our record and begin to remove minutes from one site and another we will discover that in real time our study has been much memos that those supposed four hours.

the rituals we do in libraries

Once we have the record or at least a rough idea we should limit those behaviors. If we first start with a coffee at 16:00 we can put it on at 15:50, arriving a little earlier at the library. Instead of having the newspaper by our side, we can keep it in our backpack, avoiding the temptation to look at it and, by the way, removing the idea from our heads. All behaviors can be avoided if we pawn, reducing breaks to a minimum. To rest is fundamental but it must be corresponding to the study that we are realizing, since if not alone we will be wasting the time in the library and deceiving ourselves thinking that we have studied a lot.