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Organization as a method of study

August 2, 2019

As a study technique, we have already seen that review is not the best method to propose our strategy for exams, which does not detract from the fact that in turn can be complemented with other more refined forms that allow us to consolidate knowledge. This is the case of the organization, a method that we always use unconsciously, even in the study. Beyond its greater use is in daily life, where we can remember thousands of data without having done a previous exercise while material from our career or language becomes unsustainable.

In the organization the key is to relate a certain element with another one, making it much easier to remember both with only seeing one of them. We give structure to a material that initially does not have it, which makes it much easier to access the memory. A very simple example is that of a telephone number, using random numbers: 2672176.

study method

If we try to learn it in this way, it will be an isolated piece of data, in which we will probably be left with only the first numbers. One by one is not a good strategy either because we multiply the data to remember. How do we work? 267 21 76. Just by looking at it you will have mentally pronounced it together, and if you remember you will discover that the phones that you know most of them work in the same way. This is explained by the magic number 7 minus 2, which despite its name is one of the most refuted theories in memory studies: our ability to have isolated data oscillates in that amount.

If we group the different data together we will be able to memorize more, working with both study material and data of all kinds. If we look at the majority of study subjects there is always a large number of tables to memorize, and it is because these tables allow the organization. If we know that there are 4 elements in this table, it will be very difficult for us to confuse data from other tables, since at least it will sound like they do not belong to that table.

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Those 4 elements defined outside the table would be much more complicated, and this is where we can organize the material ourselves. That’s why it’s so important to have our own notes, since we’ll be organizing the material by associating it with each other, with personal definitions and linking what we consider important.

And a great advantage: the organization greatly improves the effectiveness of the review. Not only will it help us to structure the subject to study, we will have clear what comes in and what doesn’t in each part we review, making our own mental blocks.