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The helplessness learned by studying. Problem and Solution

August 2, 2019

The learned helplessness is a concept that although usually used in a clinical context is very important in students, who suffer without knowing its name or even its existence. It consists of acquiring a negative expectation about the relationship between what we do and the results we see in our environment.

Translated into the study is neither more nor less the cumbersome sensation that no matter how much we study, that we make an effort following guidelines and advice to organize ourselves or that we sacrifice aspects of our life to work harder in the study, we do not see that it is reflected in better grades, even in mere passing grades.

learn by studying

The consequences of entering this process are serious if we do not realize it in time:

We study less and innovate in less quantity: We can sit for hours with the book in front of us and not really be studying, turning thoughts around as if no matter how much we are in the library it will be useless. Nor will we look for alternatives, such as other study techniques, changing the organizational plan, schedules …

Loss of self-esteem: We become defeatist, being very critical of ourselves even if it does not correspond to the real results. We must remain very attentive to how we value ourselves since it affects all spheres of our life, including study.

learn by studying

We have unreal thoughts: Even if we study perfectly we can think that we have no control over our way of studying, doing what is supposed to be done without any feeling that we will achieve our goals. Needless to say, the less we believe in ourselves the more likely we are to fail.

We are more affected by any against time: A low note, a day that we cannot study, becomes tragedies when there may be a thousand different reasons before we attribute it to our mediocrity. Any nonsense, however small, will affect us enormously.

The solution to the Problem of helplessness:

How can we avoid it? Simply by doing the opposite of what happens to us in cases of learned helplessness.

We will study more, we will avoid blaming ourselves for everything, we will stay relaxed thinking things twice before collapsing. We must be clear about everything that is not studying for any of these reasons is what will lead to failure, and not our supposed uselessness.