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The importance of motivation when studying

August 2, 2019

The concept of motivation has always been treated in a very diffuse way, when it is really one of the pillars to be able to study under conditions. Showing interest in what we study, striving for it, setting future goals are some of the results we get when we are motivated in what we do. Lack of motivation greatly reduces our performance, even converting sessions of several hours of study into just minutes of concentrated real time. That is why we must learn to value our motivation and, if we do not get positive results, know how to overcome this perception.

motivation to study

Our own achievements are the greatest possible source of motivation. This means that we must not only set intermediate goals as we have already seen, but also have continuous control over our daily results. Information is our greatest ally at the moment of evaluating ourselves, and if we do not have it, the assessments we make will be based on our personal perception of how we are facing the studies, usually distorted and which will inevitably end up undermining our self-esteem. A goal as small as studying the hours we had planned that day will increase our motivation, which will help us study the next day in a cycle very beneficial to our personal performance.

motivation to study

At the same time, it is interesting to differentiate at this point between intrinsic motivation, basically looking for the pleasure of the task we carry out as our main goal, and extrinsic motivation, where we move for an external benefit such as in this case obtaining a good grade or finishing the degree. The intrinsic motivation is the one that will help us the most to make an effort in the study so it is important that we value to what extent we like what we study and, if a negative evaluation comes out, look for the positive aspects that we can find in them. Although it may sound close to the transcendental, it is the path to follow in the hard moments of work, where we do not know what we are doing and the hours go by without them being really productive. Not for that reason should we less value extrinsic motivation, since it will be the most tangible at the moment of having achieved our objectives.