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The importance of review when studying. Tips

August 2, 2019

The review is the most common method of study, the one we all do the most when studying and preparing for exams, whatever their type. Really the technique of the review is the least effective face to an effective study. It is the first one we have developed since childhood, and what is worse, it is the one that strengthens the most in all school years. We memorize without stopping content which we forget without remedy as time goes by. By dragging it for so many years we reach the high heights of study, being able to take a toll when we find those notes of hundreds of pages and entire books to study.

The importance of review when studying

The first mistake to review, and the one we should try to avoid is to study the whole content in a mechanical way. Let’s imagine that we are dealing with a ten-page topic, the usual thing is that our review consists of going from one to ten and when we finish going back to one, repeating the cycle as many times as possible. If we are in a hurry of time when we meet a question that alludes to, for example, the content of page seven will cost us much more to answer it because we will have it embedded with respect to the previous six. That is, we will be resorting to visual memory when we should be using a reasoning process. It goes without saying how many errors it can produce if we rely exclusively on ”it sounds like this because this is before”.

The importance of review when studying

On the other hand, habitually reviewing makes us study much more content than is really useful. If we put ourselves before this same subject and we have not worked in-depth the material, making our own notes, schemes and relating the information, we will find that the raw data are within an amalgam of words that, if we do not place in our visual memory, will prevent us from reaching the useful information. A meaningless review ends up costing us much more work, having to memorize too much information which, moreover, turns against us because it is so complicated to learn a literal text.

All this makes it better to review it exclusively for the material we have previously worked on and understood, perfecting a study already done rather than entrusting everything to the review.

The importance of review when studying