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Translate texts into our own words. Summarize

August 2, 2019

This expression or similar ones you will have heard for sure in different moments of your life, where the professors recommended us that to translate what we studied to our own words is a much simpler way to memorize the material to study. They were right because converting technical concepts into their own expressions makes it easier for us to memorize them.

Without getting to the point of distorting the content, to be able to use with our own words the theories that we have learned helps the study enormously, facilitating techniques that we have already seen as the organization as a method of study or the elaboration as a technique to study. In the first case, it is much simpler to organize a material that is not more accessible, while in the elaboration the advantage is even greater when resorting to words of habitual use in completely new construction.

Translate texts into our own words

When we use our own words when describing a text we eliminate the information that is not necessary to understand what we are studying. This process has the risk that, in our eagerness to reduce the definition as much as possible, we lose important data and even confuse the real meaning of the content.

In this case, it is important to have made good notes, regardless of the system we use to create them. In them we will have all the condensed information using our own expressions, allowing the review sessions to be strengthened by repeating a material that we have already produced on our own.

Translate texts into our own words

It is important to emphasize that a summary is not putting the text with our words. We can shorten a topic by completely rewriting it, something that will be much more useful for us to study when we have created it completely personally. If we limit ourselves to summarizing by changing a few expressions, we will detract from the coherence of a text which, in the case of having doubts, will be much more difficult for us to take advantage of to resolve them. It is therefore essential to always have the original source available, whether books, explanations given by the teacher or any other resource we use.

summary of my words

A last fundamental point is that if our exams consist of exposing the whole topic is to try to adjust our notes as much as possible to the original. We can reduce the technicalities used and provide a coherent text without loss of information even if we use our words if we try to adjust the personal organization to the source from which it came.